Samsung is reportedly doing away with flat screens on its upcoming flagships

Virgin Mobile Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is doubling down on its unique display preference and will ship both of its forthcoming Galaxy S8 handsets with curved edges, according to a report from Korean investment publication The Bell further backed up by notable mobile tipster Evan Blass.

Blass states that with both versions featuring an edge display, the key differences between the variants is size and aesthetics. One handset will reportedly feature a 5.7-inch display (the same size of display as the Galaxy S6 edge+), while the other will have a massive 6.2-inch display. Not only will the display be huge, according to the tipsters it will run almost edge-to-edge.

Previous to the S8, the company’s Galaxy S7 and S6 offered an edge version in addition to a more traditional flat screened device. The company’s intention to move towards edge-only flagships has been fairly clear, however, considering it produced only one dual-edge version of the now-discontinued Note 7.

Mobile head DJ Koh also stated in August 2016 that the company was considering making the edge display the “identity” of the line-up, differentiating it from other smartphones with specially-designed edge features.

That doesn’t mean the idea is unopposed amongst Samsung users, however. Complaints from a vocal contingent of Samsung users include the difficulty of finding good protective cases and the potential for mis-clicks with small-handed users.

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