Instagram update brings mentions, links and Boomerang to Stories

Instagram’s Snapchat-clone feature Stories is becoming slightly more unique with the addition of mentions, links and Boomerang to its temporary video and image feeds.

With this update, which is now rolling out for iOS, Android and Windows 10, users can add mentions to the content in their Stories feed and insert GIF-like Boomerang images. Additionally, verified accounts are now able to add links to their stories.

Mentions, states the company, will work just as they do in captions and comments. Users just have to “@” their friends using the text overlay feature in Stories. The name will then appear underlined, and other users will be able to click through to their profiles.

Users will also now see links in the Stories of some of the verified accounts that they follow. The links show up as a subtle “See More” button at the bottom of the image.

Additionally, Boomerang, which Instagram users already employ in their regular feeds, is now available for Stories. Users can pick the format from options underneath the record button. For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, Boomerang creates short looping GIF-like videos made out of stitched images.

“Instagram Stories already has more than 100M people using it every day, and we think these new features will unlock even more fun, creativity and utility in stories,” a company representative told MobileSyrup in a statement.