Montreal installs 50 electric vehicle charging networks across the city

The City of Montreal is amping up its commitment to electric vehicles with the addition of 50 new electric charging stations across the city.

The stations are going to be installed across seven boroughs in the city, including Plateau Mont-Royal, Le Sud Ouest and Verdun, providing 100 new spots for drivers to charge their vehicles, reports the CBC.

The new stations add to 80 existing charging locations installed through a Hydro-Quebec program in municipal parking lots surrounding well-trafficked areas like arenas, community centers and libraries.

The city says it plans to reach 1,000 stations installed by 2020. Its network currently serves 1,468 electric vehicles registered in Montreal, according to the Quebec Association of Electric Vehicles’ most recent August 2016 tally.

Quebec’s no stranger to progressiveness on the electric vehicle front. In April Quebec Minister of Transport Jacques Daoust confirmed the province is considering mandating that all new houses must be built with a 240V charging station for electric cars.

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