Panicked U.S. citizens crash Canadian immigration site when election turned towards Trump

The most recent American federal election was the closest one in the country’s history, and it’s become clear that there is a lot on the line.

On the eve of November 8th, when the polls began to favour Republican nominee Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton supporters were apparently terrified enough to consider joining their northern neighbours in Canada.

The Canadian Immigration website crashed multiple times on election night, and terrified Clinton voters were said to be responsible. One of this election’s running jokes would be the mass exodus from the United States should Trump rise to victory, and it appears that many Americans considered it.

The site apparently saw traffic that was 1076 percent greater than it did the same day a week prior – 200 thousand simultaneous visits. November 8th wasn’t the only day in this election Americans have thought of jumping ship.

Reports from The Next Web indicates that Google searches for “move to Canada” saw shot up when Trump won Super Tuesday during the primary back in March.

Donald Trump became the American president elect on Tues., Nov 8th, 2016, after defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Image credit: vtgard

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