Facebook expands analytics features for bots in Messenger platform

Facebook has undoubtably been a leader in the bot revolution, beginning with its communication app Messenger.

The social media giant recently announced two new features to enhance bot ecosystem for Messenger. The first of these is an expansion of the Facebook Analytics for Apps tool to businesses building bots on the Messenger platform.

Using this tool, businesses can view the stats on messages sent, messages received and people who block or unblock your app. They’ll also have access to demographic information like gender, education, interests, country and language. 

In addition, businesses and developers will be able to apply for Fbstart, the company’s global platform to help mobile startups build and grow their apps. Those accepted into Fbstart will receive all the program benefits such as Facebook ads credits and free tools from Amazon, Dropbox, and Stripe.

In a post on the company’s blog on Monday, Facebook software engineer Sridharan Ramanathan wrote that since the launch of the Messenger bots platform at F8 in April, more than 34 thousand bots have been launches on the service by businesses and developers. 

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