Rogers and Fido’s new EnRoute tool lets customers track technicians from their phone

Rogers’ newest customer tool is bent on improving an age-old pain point for internet and cable customers: the unknowable wait periods for technician visits.

Whether it’s for installation or troubleshooting, customers are generally required to choose a time period — for example, between 9AM and 12PM — in which a technician will arrive, requiring them to stay home all morning. With EnRoute, the idea is that users are sent a link where they can check a map to see the technician’s whereabouts and estimated number of minutes until arrival, allowing them to better judge whether or not they have time to run to the store. Along with that they get a first name and photo of the technician.

“No one likes to sit around waiting for their technician to arrive,” said Deepak Khandelwal, chief customer officer at Rogers in a statement. “We know our customers are busy and their time is valuable, so now they can track a technician’s ETA right on their phone. It’s just one more way we’re putting people in control to get help how they want.”

The company is also hoping it’ll help reduce on the reported 260,000 calls yearly it receives from customers checking on their technician’s arrival time.

The tool is now available in Hamilton and will roll out across the company’s footprint this year and into early 2017. Fido is also offering EnRoute service to its internet customers starting immediately.

MobileSyrup first heard about EnRoute in late August, when the company filed a submission with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This is the second new customer tool Rogers has debuted in the span of a little over a month, with worry-free data management launching on October 6th, just previous to Rogers CEO Guy Laurence’s departure.

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