Winnipeg man says Samsung Galaxy S7 combusted in his hands


While there weren’t many high profile incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s combusting here in Canada, a Winnipeg man recently experienced the issue with the company’s Galaxy S7, which was offered as a replacement for the permanently discontinued Note.

Amarjit Mann says he was driving when he felt his Galaxy S7 begin to overheat in his pocket. When he pulled over and took it out, the smartphone exploded, causing second and third-degree burns on his hands and wrists. He then threw the phone from his car, limiting the damage to the vehicle and himself.

“I should’ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened,” Mann told CTV Winnipeg, speculating on the physical damages if he had been holding the phone to his ear.

Samsung Canada told CTV it could not comment on the incident without first examining the smartphone.

For many, the alleged incident throws yet more uncertainty on the safety of Samsung devices. However, it should be noted that Samsung handsets are not alone in experiencing occasional combustion issues. Isolated cases of combustion have been reported involving the Nexus 6P and even the iPhone 7. Of course, there’s also no way to verify the veracity or extenuating circumstances around the incidents.

One thing that is certain: this isn’t the best press for an already-hurting smartphone company heading into the holiday season.

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