Samsung Galaxy Note 7 software update encourages Canadians to return device for refund

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was recalled and banned from all North American flights on October 15th. The company has taken several measures to ensure consumers return the device by issuing press releases, setting up kiosks at select Canadian airports, and pushing out software updates that limit the smartphone’s battery to 60 percent charge.

Now, Samsung is taking additional measures.

A new Note 7 software update has been released by Canadian carriers — specifically, Bell to start — that asks those who are still in possession of the device to return it for a refund or replacement. Android OS version 6.0.1 (firmware N930W8VLU2APK1) notes that “this software update will include indicators to encourage customers to contact Samsung regarding replacement/return of affected device.”

According to Health Canada, in total 39,000 Note 7 smartphones were sold or distributed in Canada with four reports of phone batteries overheating and one owner indicating a “minor burn injury” to their forearm. The latest stats released a few weeks prior to the second recall revealed that over 70 percent of Note 7s sold in Canada had been returned.

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