You can now Skype without a user account

Microsoft is now allowing people without Skype accounts to use all of the platform’s video and audio features on the web.

To take advantage of the new feature, users can head to Skype.com where they’ll be able to hit the prominent “Start conversation” button.

The website will then request the user’s name, as well as microphone and camera privileges and take them to a dedicated conversation web page, where a temporary 24-hour link is displayed that can be shared with those that they’d like to invite to the conversation. Users of the tool can group chat with up to 300 people total or up to 25 on a voice/video call.

Unfortunately, it appears the option is only available via desktop, with no option to “Start a conversation” appearing on the mobile or desktop version of my mobile Chrome browser.

Additionally, features like calling landlines or Skype Translator still require an account. Regardless, it’s an interesting step forward for the platform, and one that’s sure to interest more potential users.

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