Facebook acquires FacioMetrics to potentially improve Snapchat-like filters

In what looks like an attempt to mimic Snapchat’s filter feature, Facebook has snapped up Carnegie Mellon spinoff FacioMetrics.

FacioMetrics was founded in 2015 as a facial analysis tool and produced facial behaviour and demographics tools for developers using video. These tools aid in facial distortion and understanding and also let users swap faces, according to Venture Beat. All of the apps produced by the company appear to have been removed from the app store.

Notably, FacioMetrics has developed an app called IntraFace which can detect seven different emotions in people’s faces, though since the acquisition, it’s been removed from the app store. The team at FacioMetrics made the announcement recently via their website.

“We started FacioMetrics to respond to the increasing interest and demand for facial image analysis — with all kinds of applications including augmented/virtual reality, animation, audience reaction measurement, and others. We began our research at Carnegie Mellon University developing state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms for facial image analysis,’wrote founder and CEO Fernando De la Torre in the statement.

“Over time, we have successfully developed and integrated this cutting-edge technology into battery-friendly and efficient mobile applications, and also created new applications of this technology,” he continued.

This isn’t Facebook’s first dive into video, and more specifically, features that mimic the social media company Snapchat. Instagram Stories is another well-known example of this trend.

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