Eastlink releases new ‘Worry-Free Data’ tool for limiting unexpected overages

Eastlink has become the latest Canadian wireless carrier to offer a more comprehensive solution for data-use awareness with the launch of its new ‘Worry-Free Data’ tool.

The service sends notifications when customers reach 75 percent and then 100 percent of their data allotment. At that point, the carrier pauses data use and directs the customer choose between several options: adding a 1GB or 2GB top-up, continuing to use data at pay-per-use rates, the selection of a new higher-tier plan or declining to use data until the beginning of the next billing period. The feature also works with travel packs and will likewise pause data if the user leaves the country without a travel pack.

The data pausing aspect is the key differentiator of Eastlink’s new tool versus Rogers’ and Telus’ solutions, which provide alert and management options, but don’t automatically cut users off from data when they’ve hit their limit.

At the launch of Rogers’ worry-free data management features, ex-CEO Guy Laurence said there was good reason for this, noting the harm that a disruption of data service could cause in emergency situations. Rogers’ tools, however, do allow the account holder to shut off other users’ data privileges at will, which could arguably result in the same situation.

The service is freely available to all Eastlink customers and automatically included with all new plans. Existing customers who activated with Eastlink prior to November 17th will have to visit the carrier’s self-care services either online or through their mobile app to activate the new tool.

The app also allows users to track their data with what the company describes as ‘real-time’ immediacy.

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