Google says the Pixel’s security features are ‘better, faster’ and ‘stronger’ than other devices

Google wants you to know that the Pixel is secure, so the company wrote an entire blog post on the subject.

In a Google Security Blog post entitled ‘Google Pixel: better, faster, stronger,’ two of the tech giant’s senior software engineers discuss how the Pixel’s encryption implementation improves the “user experience, performance, and security” of the company’s smartphones.

On a technical level, the Pixel utilizes full disk encryption known as FBE, which means different files are encrypted with different keys, with each file being unlocked independently. Typically smartphones utilize FDE encryption known as full disk encryption.

Google says that through this method the company has given users access to the Pixel’s unlock and decrypt screen, allowing applications like alarm clocks, accessibility settings and phone calls, to be used right after booting. Google also says it utilizes technology called TrustZone that enforces a verified boot process, which results in the OS not booting gif its detected any form of modification. Finally, the company says it’s dropped eCryptFS encryption, stating that it does not meet its encryption requirements.

For more information on Pixel related security, check out Google’s full blog post.

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