Amikasa: Be your own interior designer with augmented reality [App of the week]

If only you could see how something looked in your home before the ugly lamp is sitting in your living room.

Before the age of augmented reality, designers would have had to take their chances and hope for the best. With Amikasa however, it’s at least a little easier to see what a new addition might look like before customers go through the trouble of buying and shipping it.

The app is a tool for virtual interior design, but it also allows casual users to try out furniture they’re considering for their homes before actually buying it.


Amikasa lets users choose between five kinds of furniture which include living, dining, decorating, cooking, sleeping and lighting. After selecting one, the user will be asked to scan the section of the room they’d like to visualize and will be given the option to filter their furniture results more specifically.

Once all selections have been made, the user needs only to select the piece of decor or device they’re looking for and place it where they envision it in their living space. Users can also shrink of enlarge the objects they select, or tap the object to read about what it is and where they can get it.

The decor included in the app is sourced from real brands, meaning that users can actually go out and buy the things they’re testing through the app.


Amikasa is currently available on iOS and Windows.

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