CSIS issues warning that Russia and China are targeting Canada’s secret intelligence

In a briefing notes prepared for service director Michel Coulombe, CSIS is reportedly grappling with attempts by Moscow and Beijing to access Canadian intelligence.

CSIS reports that primarily Russia and China are targeting Canada’s classified information, advanced technology and government officials and systems. While the agency declined to elaborate on the nature of these threats, security professionals have said in the past that spying and espionage have continued on since the end of the Cold War.

A couple of years ago, 680 News reports that the Canadian government blamed a Chinese state-sponsored actor for hacking the National Research Council’s networks which reportedly resulted in a shut down of the organization’s platform for an extended period of time.

Beijing, however, denied ever leading the attack and accused Canadian intelligence of making false allegations. Furthermore, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying declared last year that Beijing opposes all forms of cyberattacks and “commercial espionage.”

The Canadian Press used the Access to Information law to obtain briefing materials intended for use by Michel Coulombe at at March meeting of the Senate.

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