Furbo lets you give your dog treats remotely

While Furbo isn’t designed for use with a feline, my cat is equally terrified and fascinated by the fact that I can throw treats at her and talk to her directly through the device.

Furbo is a $309 Wi-Fi enabled camera (complete with night vision) and remote treat dispenser that allows owners to toss treats at their furry companion with the press of a smartphone touchscreen.

A video feed of the animal also appears in Furbo’s app, giving pet owners the ability to see their dog live as they fling treats across the room. The device also features two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your dog remotely.


While I was able to get a solid video feed in 90 percent of cases, sometimes Furbo experiences connectivity issues. I also found the iOS version of Furbo’s app to be more stable when compared to its Android counterpart.

In one case, Furbo actually completely dropped my Wi-Fi connection and needed to be reset, which can only be accomplished by power cycling (there’s no actual off button). However, in the roughly week ad a half I’ve been entertaining my lazy cat with Furbo from MobileSyrup’s office, the device has worked fine in most cases.

Unfortunately, however, Furbo isn’t compatible with any universal smart home languages, including Apple’s HomeKit. This means that you’ll only be able to use the IoT device via its own app.


Furbo’s app is compatible with iOS and Android and even sends push notifications when your dog is barking. The fascinating but still pricey toy started life on Indiegogo where it raised $510,791 USD in funding.

Furbo is currently available on Amazon.ca for $309 CAD.