Microsoft details minimum PC spec for its upcoming $300 VR headsets

Microsoft Holographic

It looks like Microsoft’s upcoming $300 VR headsets won’t just be more affordable than the competition, they also won’t need to be powered by an expensive high-end PC.

The latest Windows 10 test build includes an app called “Windows Holographic First Run.” Launching the application initiates a compatibility test that checks whether the user’s machine can run Windows Holographic apps.

According to the app, the minimum specs for Windows Holographic is a machine with 4GB of RAM, at least one USB 3.0 port, a graphics card with DirectX 12 and a four core processor — though a dual core processor with hyperthreading will also do, according to The Verge‘s Tom Warren. Based on those specs, the majority of Windows 10 PCs should be VR ready.

Of course, that’s merely the minimum spec, meaning there’s no guarantee the VR experiences at this level will be great.

Microsoft is scheduled to share more information on its VR ambitions at two events in mid-December.

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