Classic Canadian-made RPG Jade Empire now available on iOS and Android

Jade Empire

After a false start, Jade Empire, the seminal Xbox and PC RPG by renowned Edmonton-based developer Bioware, is now available on iOS and Android.

Initially released on the original Xbox in 2005, there’s still nothing quite like Jade Empire even after a decade after release. The game throws players into an original world equally inspired by Chinese mythology and classic Bruce Lee movies. From a gameplay perspective, if you’ve played the more popular Knights of the Old Republic or even the more recent Mass Effect series, then you’ll be right at home with Jade Empire.

The Special Edition comes with the full game — which includes voice performances by Nathan Fillion and Sir John Cleese — modified touch controls, achievements as well as controller support.

Combat and character progression are on the simplistic side, but the game makes up for it with well-developed characters, a fun story and compelling art style.

Download it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for $13.99 or 12.99 CAD, respectively.

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