Tesla is powering an entire American Samoa island with solar power

Since its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla revealed that it’s powering an island entirely on solar power.

The island of Ta’u is located in American Samoa on top of a solar energy 1.4 megawatt microgrid that covers the bulk of the island’s electrical needs.

In addition to the 5,328 solar panels, the island contains 60 Tesla-owned Powerpacks that offer 6 megawatt hours of energy storage. Ta’u is normally sunny, but in case of clouds, the powerpacks can keep things running for three days without blackouts.

Like many remote communities, Ta’u previously ran on diesel generators, burning 300 gallons of fuel per day. Solar eliminates pollution, provides a cost effective alternative and guarantees a reliable source of energy.

Ta’u, being an ideal test case, harbours less than 600 residents with modest power needs, reports Engagdet.

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