Pokémon Go’s revamped ‘Nearby’ feature is now available in parts of Canada

Pokemon GO

After a half year hiatus, Pokémon G0’s core ‘Nearby’ feature, the part of the game that told players how close they were to certain Pokémon using a one to three footprint scale, is back, with a twist.

Following a server-side update, the Nearby functionality will be available when players are near a Pokéstop. By comparison, in the few days just after Pokémon Go came out, the Pokémon tracking system was always active.

Sightings, the part of the game’s interface that gives players a general sense of the Pokémon they can catch in a particular area, will continue to be active everywhere else.

This new take on the game’s Nearby functionality has been available in Niantic’s hometown of San Francisco since this past August. However, it’s now available in British Columbia, Alberta Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the western half of Ontario, as well as parts of the U.S. and the entirety of Austrailia.

Pokémon Go is available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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