Ottawa-based Shopify’s garage group launches flash sale app Frenzy

Ottawa-based Shopify has launched a new sale app called Frenzy, focused on giving user’s quick access to flash sales just in time for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Frenzy gives users a central location for all worthwhile deals, with an emphasis on making the actual purchase process extremely simple. The app is set to work with retail partners and various brands, though its launch list is somewhat sparse.

Shopify’s new app doesn’t require any kind of account creation or fumbling with inputing credit card information. The app’s overarching purpose is to make it so all users need to do is tap on a product and check out instantly.

Frenzy is also built on Shopify’s scalable platform, resulting in it being able to handle thousands of orders per minute, an issue other online retailers often have problems with.

Frenzy is available for free in the iOS App Store.

[source]Tech Crunch[/source]