Freedom Mobile offers promo plan to existing Toronto and Vancouver customers

Following Freedom Mobile’s announcement of its new LTE network in Toronto and Vancouver, the company has launched a new promotional plan in what appears to be an effort to keep existing customers hooked.

In an email shared with us by a Freedom Mobile customer (and MobileSyrup reader), senior vice president of commercial at Freedom Mobile Glenn Campbell introduces the plan, which consists of 6B of data and unlimited calls to Canada and the U.S. for $40 for the first 12 months and $45 thereafter. This adds 1GB to the very similar ‘Everywhere Plan‘ that is currently being promoted in-market, but seems to lack the roaming benefits of that plan.

Existing customers, says the letter, can switch to this rate plan by logging into their account online and choosing the Smartphone 45 LTE package, which will then be automatically applied as of your next monthly billing period.

The letter also mentions a promotion for new customers, though it does not differ from the current in-market ‘Double Your Data Smartphone LTE‘ plan, which also consists of 3GB of monthly data plus a temporary 3GB of monthly data that will drop off after September 2018 and unlimited calls to Canada and the U.S. for $40 for the first 12 months and $45 thereafter.

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So far, the plans are only available in Toronto and Vancouver, where the LTE service is, but the carrier notes that the same deals will be available to each new market as LTE becomes available there. Both offers expire January 31st, 2017.

Those excited by the deals should note that unless they have or plan to purchase an LG V20, they won’t be experiencing those advertised LTE speeds. Only the V20 is compatible with Freedom’s LTE Network so far, while the rest of the devices it offers will experience 3G speeds. Freedom states that the ZTE Grand X 4 will be LTE-compatible and is coming soon to the carrier and promises more phones in 2017.

At the bottom of the email, Campbell directs readers towards a LTE-compatible phone contest and ends on a slightly beseeching note.

“Freedom Mobile is committed to providing wireless service at a fair price,” writes Campbell, “This does not mean pricing that is unprofitable as this does not serve anyone in the long run. We believe LTE at $45 with the details outlined above is extremely fair. We want to be a successful alternative to the big longstanding carriers in Canada. We know we will not always get everything perfect, but we will try our best each and every day.”

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

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