Rogers says all Mobilicity customers have now been migrated to Chatr

mobilicity chatr

Rogers purchased Mobilicity for $465 million back in 2015. At the time, the struggling wireless carrier amassed 150,000 wireless subscribers, but more importantly, secured wireless spectrum in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

Rogers halted activation of new Mobilicity accounts on August 15th and has been transitioning its customers away from using its network to sub-brand Chatr Mobile.

In a statement to MobileSyrup, Rogers noted, “We’re happy to say that all Mobilicity customers have now been migrated to Chatr and Mobilicity platforms are in the process of closing down.”

Rogers was offering a discounted plan to woo Mobilicity customers over to Chatr that ranged between $30 to $45 per month, stating, “We created exclusive Chatr plans with customers’ Mobilicity plans in mind. They vary slightly all depending on what a particular customers plan was with Mobilicity with the goal of trying to make them as similar as possible.”

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