Android powers over 60 percent of AR smart glasses

Android is the dominate platform when it comes to augmented reality smart glasses, with over 60 percent of the wearables opting to utilize Google’s operating system, according to the Definitive Guide to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses.

Other interesting stats in the study include that 60 percent of smart glasses are aimed at the enterprise market rather than average consumers. The median price for AR smart glasses sits at a relatively pricey $1,000.

Also, a surprising 50 percent of the 40 AR devices the guide looks at opt for a standard spectacles form factor, with the rest using a single lens monocular design. And finally, the average field-of-view for every device is 33 degrees, compared to the standard human range of sight at 180 degrees.

 Find the full infographic focused on AR smart glasses below.


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