SyrupCast Podcast 98: What’s going on with Google’s Pixel?

On this episode of the SyrupCast, co-hosts Rose Behar, Patrick O’Rourke, Zach Gilbert and Igor Bonifacic, start off the podcast with some candid takes on Freedom Mobile’s first week. The company, formerly known as Wind Mobile, rebranded simultaneously with the launch of its LTE network, though the network didn’t actually launch on November 27th as the company stated. The team wonders how this move will affect the “new” brand’s reputation.

Next, the MobileSyrup squad goes through a run-down of some of the Google Pixel’s recently uncovered issues. Were the first reviews too quick to give the phone a glowing recommendation? Finally, the SyrupCast discusses Moto’s decision to step away from the wearable market for the foreseeable future. Although the choice does not come as much of a surprise, it means Android Wear fans will now have one less option.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team’s thoughts, and jump in the comments to tell us what you think. The video version of the SyrupCast will be back next week!

Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Patrick O’Rourke, Rose Behar and Zach Gilbert.

Total runtime: 42:30

Freedom Mobile LTE: 2:05

Pixel pandemonium: 15:30

Moto to stick to mobile: 30:30

Shoutouts: 39:50


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