Uber will now track you even after you’ve been dropped off

A new update to Uber allows the ride hailing service to track a user’s location even after they’ve been dropped off.

With the new update, Uber now prompts users to accept the new policy by enabling their phones to track and send the information. While Uber once just collected data when the user had the app open, it’s shifted its view to collect data for up to five minutes after the ride ends.

This means that Uber knows where exactly you end up after walking away from the car. However, the addition has been described as a way to eliminate a specific frustration with the app. The new feature is supposedly intended to help drivers better locate their passengers and avoid the confusion that often comes with pickups.

Uber has previously faced issues with location tracking. In January, Uber paid a $20,000 USD fine in New York following an investigation into the company’s “God View” tool, which allowed the company to track its users in real time.

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