Hopiko offers speedrun platforming [Game of the Week]

This week we’re taking a look at Hopiko, another quirky Laser Dog-developed title.

In Hopiko players move through stages at a fast pace, bouncing between platforms, creating a genre its developer refers to as a “speedrun platformer.”


Your goal is to move through each environment, flinging yourself between various objects. Tapping in a specific direction shoots you towards that location, with timing becoming integral in levels with moving obstacles. Levels are arranged in runs of five and you have to finish five stages to advance through the game.

Overall, Hopiko places an emphasis on speed and the goal of each stage is to make it to the end of the level. The game is also full of style, though it does adopt the blocky, pixelated visuals that have grown in popularity recently in the mobile space

Overall, I’ve had a decent time with Hopiko, though its level structure does eventually begin to grow repetitive. What’s great about the game, however, is that it’s been designed to play in short sessions, making it the ideal pick-up-and-play mobile title.

Hopiko is available on Android for $2.54 and the App Store for $2.79.

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