Freedom Mobile cuts price of LG V20 by $200

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In what appears to be an effort to appease frustrated customers, Freedom Mobile has now seriously discounted one of its only LTE-capable phones, the LG V20.

The carrier, which rebranded from Wind to Freedom on November 22nd, stated that it launched its LTE network on November 27th with limited availability in downtown Toronto and Vancouver. What’s more Freedom’s AWS -3 Band 66 spectrum is only compatible with select phones — so far the LG V20 and ZTE Grand X 4 are the only LTE-capable devices sold by the carrier.

While that may have been enough to raise the ire of its customers, the very limited LTE network it offered was not, in fact, available on November 27th, with Freedom eventually telling customers that it was doing final handset optimization and would be available “over the next week or so.”

Since then, it seems the young brand has gone into damage control, offering a retention plan via email to existing customers and now cutting the price of its LTE-enabled LG V20. This could, of course, just be a sale unrelated to the carrier’s LTE launch — Freedom has not released a statement indicating that it is — but success with the promotion would certainly help boost its customer base on LTE.

The device is now $799 CAD outright, cut $200 from $999 and $99 down with a $25 MyTab Boost (regular $299). With a $15 MyTab Boost the phone is $299 (regular $499), with a $5 MyTab Boost it is $499 (regular $699) and with just MyTab it is $649 (regular $849 — though this pricing seems a little confused, considering it is now $799 outright).

Freedom’s other LTE-capable phone, the $299 ZTE Grand X 4, is not on sale outright. It is $0 down with a $5 MyTab Boost and $99 down with just MyTab.

Thanks to Dale for the heads-up! 

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