Holiday Gift Guide for the pet lover

The holiday season can be a busy time of year and the biggest culprit of sucking away all that time is finding that perfect gift. Let MobileSyrup take a little off your shoulders and help you find a gift for that pet lover on your shopping list.

Below you’ll find a collection of great gifts for that special pet or pet owner in you life:


The fitness and health craze has official flooded the tech world, with wearables and connected health devices taking over most of the shelf space. While we buy up the latest FitBit, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3 devices, has anyone thought about their K9 friend at home? Honestly, I didn’t, until I was able to try out the FitBark fitness wearable for dogs.

The FitBark is a Bluetooth 4.0 connected device that allows you to monitor your dog’s activity level, or lack thereof if you’ve got a sleepy pup. I’ve been using the device for just over a week and the application compiles the data in an interesting way. It allows you to see the quality of sleep, the number of steps along with the total calories burned throughout the day. A cool thing is that the app also compares your dog’s data to other similar dogs to let you know if you’re got a particularly active pet, or dog that enjoys their sleep a little too much.

The FitBark is available online and in-stores at Best Buy for $49.97.



If you’re a pet lover, then you probably feel that your pets deserve a gift this holiday season too. A BarkBox subscription is a little something for your favourite K9 and the best thing is, it keeps giving. BarkBox is a monthly subscription (or a one time purchase, it’s up to you) that delivers dog toys and treats to your door step.

In the box that BarkBox sent over to the office it contained two bags of treats, a roll of dog waste bags, a few toys and a bone for our resident K9 to test out. The feedback is in, my pup loves it. Every month the box provides different goodies for the dog or pet lover on your list.

BarkBox is available for $20 delivered to your door. You can find more information here

Litter-Robot Open Air


This gift is on the more expensive side, but if the person on your gift guide has a cat, or multiple, this robot litter box will truly simplify their life. The Litter-Robot Open Air is a next level litter box.

The unit features a pod that holds cat litter and then after sensing your feline has finished their business, the litter box rotates, sifting the litter and waste. After the process is complete, the waste is deposited into a drawer in the bottom of the unit. Cleaning up is just as easy. Once the Litter-Robot tells you the waste drawer is full you open it up and take out the bag. Another cool feature is the carbon filter in the waste drawer that prevents orders.

The Open Air Litter-Robot is available in Canada from the RobotShop for $598.67.



Much like the BarkBox listed above the MeowBox brings that pet lover on your list a new box of cat treats and toys every week for their favourite feline. It was pretty cool to see the company including an assortment of toys and treats that could keep my older cat occupied for hours.

Some of the toys are also hand made, which is a nice change. I was quite impressed with the box I received to review especially in terms of how it was was presented. The company even took the time to write my cat’s name on the inside of the box. I must admit though, my cat may have enjoyed the box more then the toys (Cats and their cardboard boxes). One last thing worth noting about the MeowBox is that for every box the company sends out, it also donates a can of cat food to a shelter. More information about that program can be found here.

MeowBox can be purchased on a one time, monthly or bi-monthly schedule for $22.95 USD. Check out MeowBox.com for more information.



Have you ever wanted to stay in touch with your pets while at work? Maybe you wish you could toss your special furry friend a treat every once in awhile, even when you aren’t home?

This is exactly what Furbo allows pet owners to do. The smart pet product features an HD camera that lets owners watch their pets from anywhere, as long as they have either an Android or iOS device and an internet connection. Furbo’s more compelling feature, however, is the fact that the IoT device can actually toss a treat at your dog with the quick swipe of a finger, catapulting it across the room.

Furbo is currently available on Amazon.ca for $309 CAD.

Patrick O’Rourke also contributed to this post.