Netflix’s new video previews aim to help you decide what to watch next

We’ve all likely been there at some point: Netflix has just rolled out a wash of new content, and you’ve been browsing it for around 15 minutes, but can’t decide exactly what you want to watch next. There are just too many options and you’re not exactly sure what each television show or movie is really about.

This is an issue Netflix’s new video preview feature aims to solve, according to the streaming giant. Netflix has launched a new user interface feature that brings video content alive in real time, showing subscribers short snippets of video as they’re browsing Netflix’s user interface.

“As video becomes a bigger part of our lives, it will continue to play an increasing role within Netflix as we enhance the Internet TV experience around the world. We hope you enjoy video previews and find more great stories along the way,” said Stephan Garcia, Netflix’s vice president of product innovation .

Netflix says that video previews aren’t teasers or trailers and are instead specially designed video synopses that highlight story, characters and the tone of the title.

Previews is rolling out globally today and will be available on almost all platforms the service, including Roku devices and game consoles.