Fido slashes price of iPad Air 2 by $200 on Easy Pay

When one sibling does something, the other typically follows suite.

Now, I’m not sure which one did it first, but yesterday we reported that Rogers was offering a $200 off iPad Air 2 deal on their payment plan. We’ve received word today that sibling company Fido is offering a similar deal.
Fido ipad offer
Fido is offering up to two hundred dollars off the Apple iPad Air 2 with the $15 3GB tablet data plan. The Financing fee for the iPad Air is usually $26.62 per month, but is on sale for $18.29 per month for 24 months. With the monthly data plan you’re looking at $33.39 a month. A good deal if you’re looking for a tablet and data.

One thing worth noting with this deal is that the data is not sharable with your cellphone’s data plan. This is where the two offered from Rogers and Fido differ.

We’ll be sure to keep on the lookout for all the deals this holiday season.