Google opens up Google Assistant Actions to developers

Google Home-2

Google unveiled the Google Assistant this past year.

While the platform surely had a lot of potential, the Google Assistant itself was limited in its functionality. However, this might change with the recent opening of Google Assistant actions to the developer community.

The Google Assistant’s developer platform is called Actions. Developers will be able to create at least two types of actions, according to Engadget, which have been dubbed Direct and Conversation.

Currently however, Conversation actions are the only ones available to developers. Conversation actions create a back-and-forth interaction with the Assistant. This way, users won’t need to install a skill or an app, but rather will be able to speak to specific actions.

Actions on Google was previewed this past October. Developers will now be able to create conversation actions for Google Home and request to become an early access partner for the upcoming platform features.

According to a post on Google’s developer blog, Actions for the newly unveiled Pixel will be coming soon.

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