Canadian tech startup B-CITI launches smart city parking app in city of Sherbrooke

The City of Sherbrooke recently launched a new parking application that offers several services above and beyond that of traditional parking.

The application was developed by B-CITI, a Canadian tech startup and developer of the smart city portal developed in partnership with the city of Brossard and the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal.

“Brossard is among the most innovative cities in Quebec and Canada with regard to smart cities. The B-CITI smart city portal, with its digital resident card that we were the first to adopt, puts us at the cutting edge of smart digital interaction with residents,” states Paul Leduc, the mayor of Brossard in a statement. 

Some of the features of its parking application include the ability to offer refunds for unused time, prepaid time credits, visual recognition and multi-city capabilities.

B-CITI has allowed the city of Brossard to reduce consultations at City Hall during intense parking registration periods by 95 percent, while 65 percent of resident cardholders have obtained a “digital resident card.”

Led by Vivianne Gravel, B-CITI attempts to address the challenges faced by cities such as traffic congestion, security, economic development and environmental protection. 

“All cities aspire to become true smart cities. At B-CITI, we’ve developed, along with our partners, the world’s first smart city portal. The portal offers cities and their residents the possibility to stay connected and make enormous gains in efficiency,” explains Vivianne Gravel, president and CEO of B-CITI, in a statement. 

Image credit: Dean Hochman

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