Verizon refuses to release Note 7 update to prevent device from charging

Note 7

Samsung recently announced a software update for the Note 7 that is designed to stop the smartphone from charging.

Not every carrier however will be immediately releasing said update, as Verizon has already announced. Upon receiving the announcement, Verizon released a statement claiming that the American telecom giant will not be releasing the update.

Other American telcos such as AT&T and Sprint have opted to wait until after the holidays have concluded, while T-Mobile will release the update just two days after Christmas, on December 27th.

Verizon attributed the decision to customers who may not have another option should their Note 7 functionality be limited. The carrier went on to claim that debilitating its customers’ smartphones during the season of holiday travel could prove a safety risk in itself.

Ironically enough, the Note 7 is banned from all airlines by the FAA and is prohibited from being used in many other public transit locations in the United States.

Functional restraints such as limiting the battery life and disabling Wi-Fi were implemented on December 12. Canadian carriers on the other hand recently got word that starting December 15th, Canadian Note 7 users will no longer be able to make calls, use data or send text messages.

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