Holiday Gift Guide for the traveller

Happy Holidays! It can be difficult to shop for a loved one with a case of wanderlust, since they never seem to stay in one place for long. The MobileSyrup team wants to recommend a few parting Christmas presents that will help make their travels even better.

Whether you’re pal is surfing the wild waves or curling up on the plane with a good book, these tech-savvy presents will help keep them connected and protected, no matter where on the globe they end up.



The traveller in your life probably takes their phone with them on all kinds of adventures. Imagine the peace of mind they’d have knowing that their most precious device was safe from most any water or shock damage?

Hitcase smartphone cases have been rated among the best for rugged or wet environments. With three different kinds of cases offered, including the Hitcase PRO, Hitcase Shield, and Hitcase Snap, you can choose the perfect case for the thrills your pal loves to seek.

While the company designs cases for iPhone models 5 to 7, the company unfortunately doesn’t make Android equivalents.

The latest Hitcase SHIELD for iPhone 7 is available on the website for $89.99 CAD.



Every traveller’s number one fear is losing something in a foreign land. A bluetooth tracker might help your wanderlust-stricken pal relax, and Chipolo is one of the best.

The Chipolo Plus and the Chipolo Classic are bluetooth item trackers designed to keep track of everything you wouldn’t want to lose. With a choice of over seven different colours, the Chipolo could be the perfect way to hang onto luggage, souvenirs, valuables, electronics, and so much more while venturing out into the world.

While the Chipolo Classic comes with a six-month battery life at just 5mm thin, the Chipolo Plus is water resistant up to IP5 standards and requires no battery replacement at all.

Both come with a smartphone app that allows users to either ring their misplaced items, or ring their misplaced phone using the chipolo devices themselves. The Chipolo Classic and Plus models both come individually for $24.99 and in a pack of four for $69.96.

Kobo Aura H2O


A vacation just isn’t a vacation without a good book. Throwing a 500-page novel in your suitcase however can add several pounds to your load, and take up space that could be used for other necessities.

That’s where an e-reader comes in handy. The new Kobo Aura is a lightweight alternative to bringing your entire library on vacation with you. Whether your pal can’t resist a Jane Austen romantic comedy or a Stephen King thriller, the Kobo Aura gives them the best of both worlds for a fraction of the weight.

The Kobo Aura is not only waterproof and just 230 g, but it can hold over 8,000 books. With a month of battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity and over a dozen supported formats, it’s the perfect way to supplement your travel-lover’s wanderlust.

You can purchase the Kobo Aura for $199.99 online, or in person at Best Buy or Chapters Indigo.

Know Roaming Global Sim Sticker


No matter how much anyone loves travelling, everyone hates roaming fees, am I right? The Toronto-based KnowRoaming promises to fix that with the Global SIM Sticker, which allows users to jump from one national network to another without the hassle of removing their sim cards.

By just placing the tiny sticker onto your SIM, you can give someone the gift of savings on international voice and data roaming from around the world.

Furthermore, with just one application, the Global SIM Sticker starts working whenever the user leaves the country, and the smartphone app makes it easier than ever to monitor usage.

Unlimited data packages are available in over 90 countries for $7.99 per day, and affordable pay-as-you-go packages are available in over 200 countries. On its own, KnowRoaming’s SIM card is priced at $29.99 USD, which comes to approximately $39.52 CAD.