2.7 million Galaxy Note 7s returned to Samsung as global recall nears completion

Over 2.7 million Note 7s have been returned of the 3.06 million total that were sold worldwide, according to the company.

Three months ago, news broke that Samsung would discontinue the controversial smartphone and issue a recall of all Note 7s due to battery combustion issues. Over 90 percent of devices have been returned globally, however the ratio sits at just 80 percent in Samsung’s home country, South Korea.

Samsung plans to release a final update to the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States next week, preventing the device from charging to full capacity and removing service functionality. In Canada, Samsung recently released plans to release a similar update that will limit battery charging and wireless functionality, effectively turning the Note 7 into a brick. This update is set to release in Canada on December 15th.

Some carriers, such as the American giant Verizon has refused to release the update, while others have delayed its release until after the holidays are complete.

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