Android Pay now works in Canada with current support limited to Scotiabank cards [Update]

Various reports stemming from Reddit, indicate that some users are able to now use Android Pay in Canada, but only with specific banks.

9to5Google says that it’s “independently confirmed” that Android Pay is working via a Reddit user who used a Scotiabank Visa Card to sign up for Google’s payment platform. This individual told the publication that they were not able to add the card last night, but were able to do so this morning, indicating that something has changed recently.


MobileSyrup was also able to add a Scotiabank debit and credit card to Android Pay. Reddit users state that Scene Visa, Infinite Visa and Visa Debit are all currently working with Android Pay. BMO MasterCard, Amazon Chase Visa, BLC Visa, CIBC Visa and Visa Debit, Tangerine debit, RBC Visa Debit, MasterCard and TD Visa Debit, Visa, all do not work with Android Pay.

A recent Android Pay update back in October featured code indicating that the service was preparing to launch in Canada, with most major banks opting to support Google’s payment platform.

Find the Reddit user’s post below:

I got an update to Android Pay, version 1.12.141346482, this morning and noticed it was showing all my cards as “Not Accepted” except one, a ScotiaBank SCENE Visa card.

I tried adding the card and it showed me the Apple Pay terms (which isn’t new, it had been doing that for a while now) but this time after accepting the conditions my card was successfully added. See here.


We’ve tried getting Android Pay to work with a BMO, TD and RBC and were unable to get cards from any of these banks to work with Google’s payment platform.

You can download the latest version of Android Pay via AndroidPolice’s APK Mirror, one of the most reliable APK website on the internet. However, always utilize any third-party APK platform at your own risk. The Android Pay app is not currently available in the Play Store, though some Canadian readers have reported to us that they’ve been able to download the app directly through Google’s app store.

Update 11/12/16 1pm: A Google spokesperson reached out to us with the following statement. “We’re excited to bring Android Pay to Canadians, however it is currently not available in Canada.”

Update 11/12/16 6pm: A Scotiabank representative reached out to clarify the situation, though it seems the Canadian bank has been caught off guard by the current situation with Android Pay.

“This may be the reason why the terms and conditions for Apple Pay were in the screenshot, as there are no existing terms and conditions for Android Pay,” said the representative, pointing out that the current terms of service for Android Pay with Scotiabank mentions Apple Pay and not Google’s mobile payment service. “We have contacted our Mobile Wallet team to inquire if Android Pay has in fact launched. As soon as we have received a response with confirmation, we’ll let you know”

Update 11/13/16 5pm: A number of readers have reached out to us stating that it’s no longer possible to use their Scotiabank card with Android Pay.

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