Apple releases ‘Report Junk’ feature for iCloud calendar invites from unknown senders

For Apple users suffering from the common issue of iCloud calendar spam, Apple has finally released a solution.

The company has added a new ‘Report Junk’ feature to iCloud, allowing users remove spam invitations from their calendar and report the sender to Apple for investigation.

This feature is currently only available on Apple’s iCloud.com Calendar web app, but will likely to roll out on iOS and Mac in the near future.

Apple Calendar users have been experiencing waves of invites from unsolicited parties, that used the description of field calendar invites to advertise various forms of junkware.

Users experiencing a spam problem can now go to iCloud.com and flag the unsolicited invites. While “Report Junk” is only available on the iCloud.com calendar, the feature syncs across all calendars.

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