Apple’s $219 AirPods are now available to order online in Canada

After weeks of rumours regarding the release of Apple’s wireless AirPods, with some reports indicating the delay was due to an audio syncing issue, it looks like the controversial earbud headphones are now available to order in Canada.


In Canada Apple’s AirPods are priced at $219 CAD and are now available to order from Apple’s online store with some users reporting a “Dec 20th” arrival date, though we’ve also received reports of later shipping estimates. While expensive, I enjoyed my time testing out Apple’s somewhat strange looking AirPods earlier this month.

The earbud’s W1 chip — which has also been added to a variety of Beats headphones — allows the wireless earbuds to automatically connect to the iPhone 7 as soon as the headphone’s charging carrying case is opened, resulting in a level of easy connectivity I haven’t experienced before with Bluetooth headphones.

Update: There seems to be demand for Apple’s AirPods as shipping has slipped past Christmas with delivery now expected to be the hands of Canadians on December 29th.