TextNow’s $13.99 BYOD wireless plan gives Canadians a new U.S. travel option

TextNow, a wireless service provider that caters primarily to American customers using cloud technology, has just launched a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) program that provides Canadians with a new low-cost U.S. travel option for unlocked phones.

TextNow, which is based in Waterloo and has a former BlackBerry vice-president for COO, offers five Starbucks-themed BYOD plans: ‘Short’ features unlimited talk and text to U.S. and Canada, unlimited data at 2G speed and 100MB of data at 3G/4G speed for $13.99 USD.

textnow plans

‘Tall’ offers the same deal with 500MB of full-speed data for $18.99, ‘Grande’ features 1.5GB for $26.99, ‘Venti’ provides 3GB for $39.99 and ‘Quattro’ has 6GB for $59.99. All plans also require the purchase of a $5 SIM card.

TextNow features seamless switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks and now serves more than eight million monthly active users. It also offers a free ad-support version where customers receive a number they can use over the internet.

To order their card, Canadians will have to enter a U.S. address, but no contract is required and the company is currently offering the first month of service free.

Additionally, the company told MobileSyrup that because it now covers both CDMA and GSM networks, the chances of TextNow plans launching in Canada have greatly improved, with a representative stating “more news soon, I hope!”