Win a Furbo, the Wi-Fi connected animal treat delivery system

IoT and gamification seem to be the buzzwords of 2016, which is thankfully almost over. But while the year is coming to an end, I hardly think we’ll stop hearing those two words.

You’ve probably never seen them on a pet product before, however.

That is, until Furbo. Furbo is a Wi-Fi connected treat delivery system. It allows you to remotely see your pet as well as speak to them, no matter where you are in the world. You can even fling your finger across your smartphone to shoot a treat across the room at your beloved pet.

We wanted to share the entertainment the Furbo gives with one of our readers. Starting today (December 13th), we are holding a contest to win one of these devices and the contest will run until December 27th at 12:01pm EST.

Some tasks give you more than one entry giving you a better chance of winning. It is worth noting that we do check entries before awarding the prize so if you haven’t actually completed a task, we will have to pick another winner.

Win a Turbo from MobileSyrup