Instagram adds the ability to bookmark posts to view later

When Instagram shifted its timeline to an algorithmic feed, the social network’s community was up in arms.

The change forced high-profile users to create posts designed to educated followers on the shift, showing them specifically how to enable notifications in order to ensure followers can still view their content. Instagram, however, has now added a new feature designed to combat algorithm anxiety.


Instagram has now introduced the ability to bookmark a post. The feature works fairly easy and is activated by tapping on the bookmark icon located on the bottom left side of a post. Now you can scroll through your timeline bookmarking posts that you maybe don’t have time to look at now, but want to save to browse at a later date.

Bookmarking can also help elevate the algorithmic timeline by allowing you to save posts before they’re adjusted in your timeline by Instagram’s “we show you what we think you want to see” algorithm.

The new feature is rolling out to users starting today.