Microsoft teases Amazon Echo competitor

In the lead up to Microsoft’s fall Windows 10 event, rumours circulated that the Redmond-based software giant planned to unveil an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker. The device, according to Windows Central‘s Daniel Rubino, was set to include Cortana, the company’s digital smart assistant.

In the end, Microsoft didn’t announce said device, but in a short video teaser released late last night to YouTube, the company teased the imminent release of one.

Set to “I Remember” by Canadian electronic producer Deadmau5, the video showcases a speaker, made by Harman Kardon in this case, that looks very similar to the Echo. One significant difference, however, is that the display lights up when Cortana is active. At the end of the video, Microsoft teases an official release date, “Coming in 2017.”

The video doesn’t give viewers a lot of information to go on, but it appears that like with its low-cost VR headset initiative, Microsoft will rely on third-party OEMs to build the hardware, which is to say we could see a variety of smart speakers at different price points.

We’ll likely learn more about the device in the coming weeks and months. Here’s hoping it comes to Canada.

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