Snapchat brings on-demand holiday Geofilters to Canada

Snap, the makers of Snapchat and Spectacles, have brought on-demand geo-filters to Canadians.

Originally launched in May for Australia and in February in the Unites States, on-demand Geofilters allows all the Canadian ‘Snapchatters’ to easily design, customize, map, and buy your own Geofilter directly from Snapchat.

The service will be available to all across our fine land on December 16th with pricing starting at $5 (USD). The cost for the filter will increase depending on the size and time period.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.24.57 PM

For those interested, here’s is how to make an on-demand filter:

Step 1: Design your Geofilter (must meet Snapchat’s the terms and guidelines)
Step 2: Map the area you want to cover (Minimum area is 20,000 square feet to a max of 5 million square feet.
Step 3. Set the timer for 30 minutes or up to 30 days.
Step 4: Purchase your Geofilter.
Step 5: It usually takes about 1 day for Snapchat to review and approve your design.
Step 6: Snap away… office party, awkward family get together… festive filters for life.

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