Learn wilderness survival techniques with Offline Survival Manual [App of the Week]

Despite the best efforts of society, there are still parts of this world where you can’t get a cell signal, which can be both refreshing and frustrating. While it’s nice to get off the grid sometimes, it’s also shocking to lose the endlessly brilliant hive mind that is the internet.

Because what are you supposed to turn to if you’re in the middle of the wilderness and you want to know whether or not you can eat that weird-looking berry over there?

The Offline Survival Manual, that’s what.

One of the highest rated survival guides on Android, this app is jam-packed with survival information and tips, from psychology to shelter to poisonous plants. The guide is mainly text with the occasional diagram or picture and is divided into 22 sections with nine appendices. It’s incredibly thorough and also refreshingly forthright — if there are aspects of the source material that are disputed, they are marked and for those who would like to expand the app’s information further, they can enter an ‘Edit’ mode to enhance the guide.

For the outdoor explorer with a spare battery pack and a weekend to themselves, this manual could be an ideal addition to their offline survival toolkit.

Offline Survival Manual is freely available through the Google Play Store and a similar equivalent is also available for free on the App Store under the title Survival Guide.