Amazon Prime Video’s official Canadian launch date for season 2 of Man in the High Castle is unclear

Man in the High Castle

Just last week Amazon Prime Video finally officially launched in Canada as well as 200 other regions around the world, after months of rumour and speculation.

While the service is a welcome addition to the relatively competition free Canadian streaming app market, some Amazon prime subscribers have noticed that the second season of specific originals, including Man In the High Castle (which released on December 16th on the service in the U.S.), still aren’t available in Canada.

While other shows like Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent initially didn’t launch in Canada with season two availability, the platform eventually released the second run of both critically-acclaimed Amazon originals.

When MobileSyrup contacted Amazon for comment regarding Man In The High Castle Season two’s official release date, we were told the following statement by a representative from the tech giant:

“We don’t have any specifics to share at this time. We’ll continue to add a full line-up of fresh new original programming from some of the world’s greatest storytellers and entertainers to Prime Video globally in early 2017. Stay tuned!”

Interestingly, while the second season of Man in the High Castle isn’t officially available in Canada, it’s still accessible through Prime Video’s “Watch While Abroad” feature.

It looks like unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Originals will not launch on a same-day world wide basis.

(Thanks @christophepoug and Acco)