Instagram stories launches Snapchat-like stickers for emojis, seasons and locations

Instagram continues its trend of releasing features suspiciously similar to Snapchat’s with its latest announcement.

Instagram users can now decorate their stories with Stickers, which include location-based, seasonal and emoji designs. For example, users looking to infuse their stories with the holiday spirit, can now employ seasonal stickers like Christmas trees, menorahs and a holiday candy cane paint brush.


Furthermore, Instagram is also releasing a feature called Story Saving that lets users download their last 24 hours of updates in the audience viewer, similar to Snapchat.

Lastly, stories will now include an unlimited text box instead of just one per image, as well as a one-touch, hands-free recording feature for musicians and artists.

These features begin rolling out on December 20th on both iOS and Android as part of Instagram update 10.3.