Super Mario Run downloaded 40 million times in first four days of availability

Nintendo has announced that 40 million people across the globe have downloaded Super Mario Run.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal how many users upgraded to the full premium version of the game, which costs $13.99 in Canada.

As Engadget notes, it’s difficult to say how Super Mario Run’s app store performance compares to that of Pokémon Go. In contrast to Niantic’s smash hit, which came out simultaneously on both iOS and Android but was only available in select markets at launch, Super Mario Run had a global launch but is only available on iOS.

Further complicating the comparison is the fact that Super Mario Run is a one-time premium purchase, while Pokémon Go includes potentially endless microtransactions.

Despite the success of Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s share price took a 10 percent hit on the day the game came out, with most analysts downgrading the stock because of Super Mario Run’s limited profit potential. Nintendo’s shares took a more drastic tumble after the release of Pokemon GO when investors and analysts realized the company didn’t actually make the game.

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