Spotify adds MacBook Pro with Touch Bar functionality to macOS app

Since it’s launch just a few week’s ago, Apple’s new USB-C MacBook Touch Bar has been lacked the support of a variety of major macOS apps.

That’s slowly changing, with the release of Photoshop Creative Cloud Touch Bar functionality, and now, Spotify playback controls, an update I’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Users with MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar now have access to controls similar to iTunes’ Touch Bar functionality. The Touch Bar can be used to ‘scrub” through tracks, play, pause, shuffle and also gives users a quick search option.

This gives users quick access to simple music controls, though it’s important to note that when you switch apps — just like with every Touch Bar app — the contextual Touch Bar controls disappear. When Spotify is running, however, a shortcut appears in the left hand side of the Touch Bar’s right quick-access panel.

While not publicized by Spotify, the desktop update also pauses music playback when Apple’s AirPods are removed from one of the listener’s ears, with music resuming when re-inserted.

To download the update, navigate to Spotify’s official website and re-download the streaming music app’s installer.