Never miss a celebration with Bizarre Holiday Calendar [App of the Week]

As we approach Christmas, it’s interesting to think how many dedicated holidays are missed out on every year.

Personally, I wish I’d known about Squirrel Appreciation day on January 21st, or Blah! Blah! Blah! day on April 17th. To make sure that you never miss a celebration day again, give the Bizarre Holiday Calendar app a try.


Little did I know that Boxing day actually doubles as Whiners Day, Thank-you Note Day and Candy Cane Day, or that Christmas Eve is also host to Egg Nog day. Furthermore, since almost every day of the year has been devoted to something or another, you’ll never again find yourself without a reason to celebrate.

The team behind the app has just finished uploading the full holiday and celebration day calendar for the 2017 year, to be released in an update at the beginning of January.


Bizarre Holiday Calendar is available on the App Store for $1.39 and requires iOS version 9.1 to run.

Happy Egg Nog Day everyone!