Quebec-based Smartduvet creates bed sheets that actually make themselves

Smart home products often aim to solve problems that don’t really exist.

While this fact is arguable when it comes to Smartduvet, a Longueuil, Quebec-based startup, the company is making an undeniably amusing effort to ensure a task we all have to do at some point — making the bed — is automated.

Yes, you read that correctly. There is now an IoT device, complete with a companion iPhone app and air pump, that actually automatically makes your bed.

Currently featured on Kickstarter, the idea behind Smartduvet is not to change your existing bedding, but rather to “enhance” it with an inflatable layer that sits between the duvet and a cover controlled by a mobile app.

“My wife (the CEO of Smartduvet, Tina Cayouette) and I have two little kids at home and we literally have no extra time in the morning. One morning she said ,’we should put an inflatable mattress in our duvet cover and plug it into a Christmas light timer so it would make the bed everyday.’ She was joking, but I thought the idea was very interesting. We got to work and few months later Smartduvet was born,” said Marc Lemieux, Smartduvet’s vice-president of sales and marketing.


According to the company’s Kickstarter page, Smartduvet’s inflatable layer consists of “space age, lightweight, breathable material,” and is blown up via an air pump when activated. Its grid design allows air to circulate throughout the mattress in order to prevent heat buildup. A smart attach system ensures that the IoT duvet’s sheets are properly in placed inside your comforter.

According to Lemieux, even if the Smartduvet is bunched up, it will return to its rigid form because of its ultra-light materials and large holes, which he says are designed to facilitate air circulation. Any duvet cover can be used with Smarduvet, allowing owners to turn their existing bedding into a self-making bed straight out of a science fiction movie.


While the concept of a smart, self-making bed is inherently silly, those of us who hate making our bed, probably have a secret interest in this comforter.

Smartduvet’s Kickstarter currently sits at $36,490 USD, surpassing its goal of $30,000, with four days still to go. An early bird backing of US $199 gets you any sized duvet (the regular pledge is $264).

For full pricing, check out the company’s Kickstarter page.